Web Design, Branding, Coding, Apps, Network and Computer Support, and Everything Else.
Dandy Plow?
Let me rephrase: what is Dandy Plow?
-A single-stop solution based in Callicoon, Western Sullivan County, New York State, United States of America, that handles every aspect of websites and web promotion, from coding (PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and much more) to design, to branding, to SEO, to Social Media promotion and API integration, and much, much more.
I don't understand most of that.
-That's why you're hiring us for your web needs and not vice versa.
Anyway, one more try. What is Dandy Plow?
-Everything we already said, plus support for your home or business network, or even just computer repair or at-home training on how to use that new phone your nephew gave you that you don't understand and which frankly kind of scares you.
What is Dandy Plow?
-You mean like what do those words mean? Well a dandy is a somewhat outdated term for a fancy guy who looks and dresses nice, and a plow is a powerful thing that tears up the ground. When it comes to websites, we're a unique company in that we make beautiful websites that also do some real heavy lifting with their code. Being able to do both without hiring a graphic designer AND a developer saves you money, which, if you live in Upstate New York, you need to do, because you probably don't have much of it.
May I see some examples of your work?
Oh, well can I--?
Just kidding! Of course you can see examples. What a stupid question. .
O...kay. Say, who are you?
My name's Patrick.
I am not at all put off by your abrasive sense of humor, and would like to engage your services
This frankly does not surprise me. .